Results of the Online Sambo Cup Super-Final and Interviews of the Finalists

July 21 2020

The first ever Online Sambo Cup, which started on June 20, ended with a grand Super-Final on July 19. For a month, representatives from Asia, Africa, Europe and Pan America participated in online battles challenging the right to be called the best on their continent. The finalists of the continental tournaments met in the big Super Final to compete for the title of the best in the world, as well as for the cash prize from the general partner of the Online Sambo Cup — Rosneft Oil Company.

It is interesting that representatives of all 4 continents appeared on the podium of the Super Final. The third place was shared by Keron Bourne (Trinidad and Tobago) and Mauve Binocha Mahoungou (Congo). The second place was taken by the representative of Germany Julie-Marie Horn, and the winner of the Online SAMBO Cup Super-Final was the Japanese sambist Kyohei Hagiwara. After the decisive match, the finalists shared their emotions in an interview for the FIAS website.

Kyohei HAGIWARA (JPN), winner of the Online SAMBO Cup Super-Final:

“Before the Super-Finals, I decided that the most important thing was to stay as concentrated as possible during every single bout, to act cautiously and bravely, to avoid anxiety. Probably, this particular approach became my strategy.

Of course, the money prize for the victory in the finals was quite important to me, however, the main motivation was my desire to become the first winner of the Online SAMBO Super Cup in history. I will spend the prize money on my family and friends. I`ll also buy two sets of SAMBO outfit.”

Jule-Marie HORN (GER), silver medalist of the Online SAMBO Super Cup:

“My Japanese opponent was very tough, she has a keen eye and she recognized SAMBO techniques brilliantly. But I`m still happy with my second place and I wholeheartedly congratulate my Japanese counterpart.

While preparing for the super-finals I studied SAMBO techniques attentively, paying attention to crucial details. I suppose it helped me during my first two bouts which I succeeded to win.

Certainly, the money prize provided strong incentive, as for me it was a considerable sum of money. However, my main motivation was competition. I really enjoy the spirit of competition and struggle, as for me, it is the most important thing in SAMBO. Now I eagerly anticipate the next chance to take part in real-life competitions and strive for victory.

I`ll spend my prize money on flights. The point is that in Germany it`s pretty challenging to find sponsors who would fund our participation in tournaments. So this cash prize really comes in handy!”

Online Sambo Cup has been conducted in a series of stages: June 20-21 — on the European continent, June 27 — in Africa, July 4-5 — in Asia, July 11-12 — in the Americas. By the results of the continental tournaments, Super-Finals were staged, in which the finalists of the continental stages took part.

The cash prize at the continental stages of the Online Sambo Cup amounts to: 500 USD for the 1st place; 250 USD for the 2nd place, and 100 USD for the 3rd places (2 winners). In the finals of the Rosneft Cup, the amount of cash prizes was increased: 1000 USD for the 1st place; 750 USD for the 2nd place, and 300 USD for the 3rd places (2 winners).

Everyone interested was able to watch the matches broadcast on the FIAS web resources, such as the official FIAS website, Facebook and the SAMBOFIAS Youtube channel. General partner of the event is Rosneft Oil Company.