Federation Suisse de sambo & disciplines associees

1211 Geneve 6, Suisse, CP 6256, 11 Rue Maunoir
+41 79 216 92 37
+41 22 786 28 29
President Herve Gheldman
Secretary General Alexandre Magnenat

Hervé Gheldman, Master of Martial Arts, discovered Sambo in 1985 during a practical seminar organised by Christian Bruzat. Inspired by this discipline he dedicated all his time to it and even took a year off to become a Master of Sambo.

Oleg Taktarov became his instructor, then his friend, and he made him aware of all the diversity of Sambo and claim for high ranked titles.

Thanks to Philippe Decoeur Hervé Gheldman met Sergey Tabakov in 1991, and he returns for many years to him to practice in the Academy of Sports. Two men appreciated each other despite difficult relationship.
Hervé Gheldman is still grateful for all that Sergey did for him.

In 1995 under the auspices of the International Sambo Federation Hervé Gheldman together with Etienne Labrousse and Christian Bruzat officially established the Swiss Sambo Federation with its headquarter in Geneva.

Sambo developed and evolved in Switzerland due to courses and practical seminars made by Hervé Gheldman.

He organises a lot of different seminars with participation of great experts like: David Rudman (who became his professor), Igor Yakimov, Alexandre Iaskevitch, Sergey Lopovok, Sergey Gromov.

Then, the International Sambo Federation transformed in FIAS under the presidency of Michael Tikhomirov.

For several years the Suisse Sambo Federation has been affiliated different Federations like: FIAS (Josh Henson), World Federation and World Combat Sambo Federation under Oleg Taktarov leadership…

Till then the election of Sergey Eliseev ESF president and David Rudman as FIAS President, Switzerland is now affiliated to ESF and FIAS.

Swiss Sambo represents approximately 10 clubs practicing Sambo for 100% and 10 mixed styles.

Being located in Geneva the federation has its actual plan to be developed and cooperate in Swiss German part and Italian Swiss part.