French Committee of sambo

2 Rue Louis PERGAUD 94706 MAISONS ALFORT Cedex, France
+33 01 41 79 59 10
+33 01 43 68 40 53
President Kris Canales
Vice-president Guillaume Alberti
Vice-president Daniel Mestre
Technical Director Franck Gerards

Kris Canales is a national chairman of French Sambo Committee from February 2017. Since 1972 Sambo was practiced in France under the French Wrestling Federation. The French Amateur Sambo Federation was created in 1985, headed by Etienne LABROUSSE and Jean-Claude CERUTTI. Jean-Claude CERUTTI became the vice-president from 1988 until 1991, and then he resigned because of the disagreement in management with the president. In 2001 the Federation was dissolved.

In 2007 the Ministry instructed sambo to join the French Wrestling Federation. To reach this goal the National Sambo Committee was created under the presidency of Jean-Claude CERUTTI. After the transition period the Committee united different branches of sambo in France.

Since that time National Sambo Committee is recognised by the Ministry of Sports, and obtained the accreditation from the Ministry. Thanks to this accreditation National Sambo Committee received full recognition for the titles of champions in France, federal education and state recognition of titles of French teams selected to compete in the world and European championships, international cups, championships and etc. National Sambo Committee was also recognised by the French National Olympic Committee through of the French Wrestling Federation.

In the year of French Sambo Committee’s foundation there were only 1300 sambo athletes. Nowadays there are more than 3800 athletes affiliated to the French Sambo Committee in 15 regions of France.

Currently the Executive Committee is composed of 15 members, with several departments: technique and selection, arbitration, education, grades, medical and communication departments.

There are 30 national referees including 5 international, 15 trainee referees, 10 sports commissioners and 10 secretaries. Every year National Sambo Committee publishes the seasonal sports calendar with internships for athletes and managers, which involves 22 regions of France.

National Sambo Committee organises every year the championship of France among seniors and juniors, the championship of France among teenagers, cadets and youths, the cup of France (team competition of club), the combat sambo championship of France and the International Great Price of Paris, the French cup among Universities, 3 internships for athletes and 2 courses for referees and coaches, 1 training of examination for coaches and 1 high ranking training, 1 state exams for national diplomas.

Every year the French team participates in the European and world championships. The French athletes perform very well at the high level competitions. The recent results are as follows: Sébastien Libébé (combat sambo) won 4 bronze medals and 3 silver; Nicolas Mbog won 1 gold medal; Laure Fournier won 1 gold medal, 1 bronze medal and 1 silver medal; Tiphaine Le Gall won 2 bronze medals. Since 2007 French Sambo Committee won more than 50 medals in the international competitions. 

French Sambo Committee structure (PDF, 271.1 KБ)

Champions and prize winners of France 2017

European Championship among Youth and Juniors 2017 in the Czech Republic

Gold Medals:

Bertolon Lukas (62 kg)

Bronze Medals:

Brechon Romane (44 kg)

Happiette Andrien (100 kg)

Montillet Chloe (52 kg) 

Martin Laurenne (64 kg)

European Championship 2017 in the Republic of Belarus

Silver Medal:

Antoine LEFEVRE (68 kg)

Bronze Medals:

Valentin JOURDAN (90 kg)

Laure FOURNIER (56 kg)

Eléna CHIRAC (80+ kg) 

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