Bulgarian sambo federation

404 Blvd. 75 Vasil Levski 1040 Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 2 980 25 18
+359 2 9300 593
President Roumen Stoilov
Secretary General Georgi Yousev
Executive director Vesela Vankova +359 888 317 722
On January 21, 1995 the independent organisation – Bulgarian Sambo Federation was creenated, being under the control of the Bulgarian Wrestling Federation for many years.

Holding of the World Sambo Championship among Youth & Juniors in 1995 in Bulgaria became the great event for the young Federation. However the competition was perfectly organised. In 1997 the Federation received license to run sports activity. Since that moment all obstacles have been ceased in the Bulgarian Sambo.

Rumen Stoilov was elected as a President of the Bulgarian Sambo Federation. Further authority growth of this type of martial arts in the country and the authority of Bulgarian Sambo worldwide linked closely with his name. His election for the position of the ESF General Secretary at that time and his current position of FIAS Executive Committee member are apparent proof of that fact. Under Rumen Stoilov’s management and with support of Georgy Youssev, who became the vice-president of the FIAS Referee Commission, the achievement of national team took a turn for the better.

In 2006 during the World Sambo Championship the Bulgarian competitors are brightly performed in Sofia. They won 3 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals. Snezhina Vasileva had become for the first time World Champion. Experienced competitor Elitsa Ryzheva repeated her achievement. Georgy Youssev went down in history of Bulgarian Sambo among men. He won his second gold medal in the World Championships Youth&Juniors and attained to the level of national team coach Vasily Sokolov.

The success was improved next year in the European Championship 2007, which was held in the Bulgarian city Pravets, where the organisers won 5 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Sambo has been successfully developed in 50 clubs, including such famous clubs as Sofia CSKA, LEVSKI, LOKOMOTIV and AKADEMIK, as well as in the city clubs of Panagyorishte, Sevlievo, Belitsa, Stara Zagora, Ikhtiman, Vidin, Kustendil, Varna, Burgas, Yambol, Lovech.

Total number of medals had been won during 50 years of Sambo development from 1958 till 2008 in the World and European Championships is 649 medals, among them: 96 gold, 223 silver, 330 bronze. For the last four years this number has been considerably increased.

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